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A new experience

Yesterday, I published a long-form article on Michael Jackson and American justice here on the blog.

I approached the writing of this article with a bit of trepidation.

By nature, I’m not a hard-liner. I don’t tend to fall squarely on one side of an argument or another. I tend to be able to argue both sides. That doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions. And when I do, I argue for them. But I recognize that in some things in life, it’s impossible to declare a single truth, and that when you attempt to do that, especially in journalism, you end up suppressing others’ voices. That’s not the point. I wrote a bit about objective journalism in my last Q&A column.

These days, though, it sometimes feels like everyone’s expected to take a side. So I felt that by running a more objective, old-school journalistic piece, I ran the risk of upsetting both sides.

I found out that, actually, a lot of people still enjoy objective journalism. That maybe they even seek it out. The response to my article restored my faith in human reason and rationality.

It was also fun to cover such a high profile case that so many people were passionate about, because I got to hear many voices and it was clear that many people cared about the subject of my writing. There were high points — my article was retweeted by Taj Jackson, @tajjackson3, Michael Jackson’s nephew! — and it felt like a whirlwind experience. A different experience for me, since the topics I cover usually aren’t so mainstream.

And a Twitter friend of mine, an ex-journalist, told me I wrote in an “old-school” journalist type of way. I think that was the best compliment I’ve gotten all year!

So I’ll stop going on about the article now. I’m still very excited about it. If you haven’t had a chance to give it a read, please do! (Even if you know nothing about Michael Jackson. I knew nothing about Michael Jackson until I watched the documentary Square One. I thought I knew about him, but I was wrong.)

Now onto some other orders of business…

The cover for Metamorphosis…

… is in the works and will be ready for reveal probably next week. Hopefully next week. For those of you who don’t know, Metamorphosis is my upcoming collection of short stories and poems, a few more short stories than poems. You can check out the lineup of stories and poems in yesterday’s Q&A if you’re curious. As we get closer to publication, I’ll have some deals and giveaway contests for you to partake in, so keep your eyes peeled in the next few weeks!

What was on the blog last week?

So much it’s hard for me to remember! I reviewed the 2019 film Marriage Story featuring Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson. We had a Tuesday Talk about why everyone — yes, you included — should learn to cook. My mother is going to be writing a followup to that about why everyone should learn to garden. If you are interested in writing a “why everyone should learn to __” post, please pitch it on the contact page or shoot me an email! On Wednesday, This is Not a Sad Story, Episode Four came out.

I also discussed three things I’ve learned in my first year and a half blogging. It feels like it’s been longer than a year and a half, but it hasn’t. I presented several poems, which you can catch on The Poetry Deck along with all my other poetry. I recorded “Child of the Sun” this week, and the video is embedded on that poem’s page. The most popular poem this week was a positive one titled “Hopes for You.” I’ll likely have another poem out for you later today.

I talked about five reasons why cancel culture is dangerous in a post that was described as “provocative in a good way” by a Twitter friend. And I gave you a second sneak peek into the world of Blue and White, my upcoming mystery novel.

I published Episode 1 of a new web novel titled The Speed of Love — it’s very light, speedy reading — and my Chef’s Table guide continued. You can check out all its installments on my Netflix series page.

What’s going to be on the blog this week?

My Chef’s Table guide will continue. We’re midway through Volume 3 now (and counting down), so at some point in the nearish future I’m going to need a new show to binge — er, to watch. Drop suggestions in the comments!

You’ll have a chance to read This is Not a Sad Story, Episode Five, and The Speed of Love, Episode 2. (I just feel that the numbers should be spelled out for This is Not a Sad Story. Not sure why.) I’ll be writing a longer piece about objective journalism for either Tuesday Talks or Thursday Truths… there will be more poetry and, I promise, a few recipes following the bi-weekly grocery run!

Tell me about you!

What’s going on in your life and in your writing and reading life? Has anything exciting happened? Have any cool ideas? Spill all in the comments!

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