I have hopes for you.

I hope in your life you hear great songs.
I hope you learn to sing along.
I hope you’ll join the tune and harmonize
and laugh and dance and smile.

people singing and dancing

I hope sometimes you feel big. I hope sometimes
you feel so big you think your heart might burst.
But I hope sometimes you feel small. I hope sometimes
in the world’s shadow you feel like nothing at all.

Earth from space

I hope you find what you’re searching for.
I hope love comes knocking at your door.
I hope you get to hold a newborn child
and look into its eyes and laugh and smile.

mother and baby

I hope you live every day like it’s your last.
I hope you never forget your past.
I hope that you LIVE as long as you last
because life goes fast.

new cherry blossoms

I hope you have passion. I hope, just once, you get
so mad you scream and throw stuff on the floor
and in the air and slam some doors and
beg the world for more, more, more, more.

angry man

I hope you’ll know what I hope for you
even if I say nothing at all. I hope you’ll see
people as people — I hope you’ll see me
for me. And I hope I’ll see you for you.

four people standing together

I hope you’ll visit the moon. I hope
you’ll shoot for the stars. I hope
you’ll make a difference,
whoever you are.

moon and stars

I hope you’ll climb to great heights. I hope,
once or twice, you’ll fall — I hope you’ll
learn to be humble and kind.
I hope you’ll use your beautiful mind.

woman on a cliff

I have hopes for you. I hope, every now and again,
you’ll sit in silence, in the company of friends,
and say nothing at all. Every now and then just dream.
And dream and dream and dream and dream.

spinning dreidel

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