Welcome back to the world of Blue and White, my upcoming mystery novel. In the first sneak peek, we spent some time in Wells, Massachusetts, the fictional town in which Blue and White takes place. In this short sneak peek, I’m going to introduce you to Isabella Hernandez, a supporting character in Blue and White.

Meet Isabella. She’s 17 years old and attends Wells High School in Wells, Massachusetts.

When Isabella arrived in Wells in third grade, she became friends with Christopher and Matt, who’d been friends before she arrived. All three have been fast friends ever since. Now, in their senior year of high school, people think they’re a strange trio. Isabella’s that cool girl who everyone’s a little intimidated by who got a scholarship from Tufts University for figure skating and who wears a camera around her neck all day, every day. Christopher’s the “golden boy” of their grade, a star athlete with movie-star looks. And Matt’s an oddball, an Asian in Wells, 84.1% white. He’s adopted, but that’s besides the point. And he’s the poet laureate of the senior class. Is he gay? He’d probably be a loser without cool friends like Christopher and Isabella.

Then Isabella makes a bold move and asks him out on Valentine’s Day. Matt intrigues her. She feels she knows him so well, yet so little. What’s going on inside his head?

Inevitably, the dynamic between her, Matt, and Christopher begins to change. Matt becomes moodier and jealous of something that hasn’t even happened between Christopher and Isabella. She begins to question her decision. And during a nighttime visit to the lake in the center of town meant to kick off February vacation with a bang, things are about to take a turn for the deadly…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek into Blue and White!

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Look out for Sneak Peek #3 in a couple of weeks.

It might come in the form of a road map… 😉

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