Lick your fingers and laugh, goddess —
eat watermelon with such gusto
that juice runs down your chin.
Stick out your noble head,
hold it up high,
till everyone looks and
the table revolves around you,

And I’ll pretend I don’t know.

Let me carry your coat.
Let me carry you on my back
down this long and dusty road
which has no end.
Let me walk you to the car and
hold the door for you
while everyone watches us
but mostly you,

And I’ll pretend I don’t know.

Sneak out in the evenings onto
our balcony with your phone —
put your earbuds in and listen
to his voice,
and I’ll pretend I don’t know.
Even if I smell his cologne on your neck
I’ll pretend I don’t know.

If one day you let the door swing
shut too hard when you go
or if I look out the window and see
you with him below
it’ll be hard for me
to pretend I don’t know. But
I’ll pretend I don’t know.

Only if when we go out at night
to stand beneath the moon and starlight
if you don’t gaze into my eyes,
hold my hand, hold your head high,
if you shy from my touch, if it seems
you’re much farther away, if we stand
apart, if you close off your heart, if
you speak like we’re friends, if
you don’t pretend,
then I’ll know.

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