Welcome back, friends and travelers!

Voyage of the Mind is lifting off, thanks to you. I’ve enjoyed myself more than ever, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the efforts I bring to you in the form of the written word. Hopefully, this month has set the standard and given you a good idea of the variety of topics and media that I’ll continue to discuss here.

The featured image, by the way, is a tribute to the SpaceX/NASA flight that took place recently. And many thanks to Unsplash, the source of my photos. Read more about what I use to make the blog beautiful here.

We’re now turning the corner into June, and I wanted to take a moment to recap May. One great thing that happened this month was the inception of This is Not a Sad Story, a pillar of the rebranded blog, in which I’m speaking candidly about my life story and struggles with my identity and mental health. If you haven’t checked it out, this page has more information and links to Episodes One and Two. Everything I link here, by the way, will open in a new tab.

I’ve also worked to establish a structure and schedule for blog posts. Movie reviews generally appear on Mondays (Movie Monday Madness!), long-form discussions and book reviews appear Tuesdays and Thursdays (Tuesday Talks and Thursday Truths), This is Not a Sad Story episodes always pop out on Wednesdays, on Fridays I share my original short stories and poetry (Freestyle Friday), on Saturdays I run a Q&A column, and on Sunday I share a weekly review. How’s this structure working for you? Did you notice it? I’d love to hear what you think!

I’ve also been posting recipes periodically, which you can find collected on my Good Eats page, as well as some food and foodie related stuff — like my companion to the Netflix show Chef’s Table. You can check out my guide to Episode 1 here if that’s something you’re interested in. More than anything else, this blog has become a platform for PASSION — my passions, and hopefully your passions, too. Cooking and eating definitely number among my passions!

One of my personal favorite posts in the last month was my short story “Elegy,” which is (if I may say so myself) tragic and tear-inducing. If you haven’t read it yet, definitely check it out. And prepare to weep, even if you’re ordinarily dry-eyed.

As always, if you have a suggestion for a post or a topic you’d like to see discussed, feel free to contact me via the contact form I just linked, or by email. I love to hear your ideas and your voices — and I’m also open to guest posts on topics you know more about than me. Please reach out if you have ideas! Ultimately, I want Voyage of the Mind to become a living community of voices, passions, ideas, and knowledge, and I can’t achieve that vision without you!

To everyone who’s read, liked, commented, and enjoyed my content during the month of May, thank you so much. You make this voyage possible, and you bolster my spirit. I hope that I have touched yours with my words, feeble as they may be. In life, we can only strive to take what we know and share it and pass it on so that it won’t be lost with us — and thanks to you, this community, I’ve already had the chance in my few years to reach more people than I ever thought possible. So I want to again thank you for your readership and support. I couldn’t do this without you.

Looking forward to June, I’m ready to make it a better month than May, whatever that means! The world is opening before us (literally and figuratively). I will have more movie reviews, more book reviews, more recipes, more guidance for writing, more thought-provoking pieces, and more of everything else coming up in the next month. Stay tuned, and stay safe. Be well.

Over and out, travelers!

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