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In my Q&A yesterday, I discussed the items on my reading list — and I can happily report that I’ve already finished The Handmaid’s Tale and will be moving on to its sequel, The Testaments, probably once I finish at least one of the other books on my list. That being said, if you’ve got book recommendations for me, send them my way! I read a steady diet of everything.

This week on the blog, there were a number of posts to pique one interest or another. If you’re looking for something yummy, head over to my Good Eats page to check out a couple of the recipes I posted this week — and some of my favorites from around the web. (I’m on a pasta binge… you’ll find homemade gnocchi and traditional pasta carbonara there.)

If you’re interested in my writing and the impending publication of Blue and White towards the end of 2020, definitely hit up Sneak Peek No. 1 for a taste of what’s to come. I’ll be publishing sneak peeks roughly every three weeks, so you’ll have a steady train of previews leading up to the real thing.

Revision is going well, which is to say that I’m in perfectionist mode and getting only a few pages done per day, but they’re good pages. Which is good for a final draft. I’m looking forward to getting out of the first chapter and into the meat of the story in the coming weeks. Keep your eyes peeled, because one of the sneak peeks might be on the lengthier side…

In other news, Episode One of This is Not A Sad Story went live on Wednesday. If you like tell-alls, autobiography, and true life stories, you might like this one — so give it a look. You’ll find something a little lighter and more humorous in my short story “Skinny People Sleep Naked.” And if your tastes range more towards the political side of things, try my post about Pete Seeger, labor unions, and modern American “socialism.” It should get your political brain churning.

Movie buffs can check out my review of Big Night (1996) and can look forward to tomorrow’s incoming review of Disney’s 2015 flop Tomorrowland. That one will touch on the climate crisis, among other things. I also watched Jordan Peele’s Us on a recommendation recently and enjoyed Parasite, which truly lived up to the hype. Cold War was all right, a solid four stars for a truly tragic and beautifully filmed story. You’ll be seeing more on those.

Meanwhile, I’m watching The Crown, third season, have never watched seasons one or two. That’s an evening activity with my boyfriend and his mother and the corgi Octavia, who so far hasn’t noticed her on-screen counterparts who mostly lounge on the floor or in the lap of the queen. Speaking of Q&A, I might have to research how historically accurate The Crown and other dramas like it are. You’ll be apt to see a couple history questions and answers in the weekly Q&A as I gear up to do some research for a potential senior thesis on the World War II and Cold War eras. (Not really related to my degree concentration in classical history, but what can I say? I have wide-ranging interests. Maybe we’ll fit something in about Alexander the Great or Alcibiades to make up for it, or at least a review of Agora.)

Anyways, you can also look forward to a review of my favorite novel (you can find out what it is then), a discussion of how COVID-19 is affecting education inequity, and a piece of flash-fiction from yours truly. All of these are coming up in the next week — and perhaps I’ll get around to recording my reading of This is Not a Sad Story, Episodes One and Two, and get those up for you. No promises! But I’ll do my best, so that you can see my smiling (or deadly serious) face. Signing off until tomorrow — see you then.

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