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The new logo, created on Canva. (Here it’s sandwiched between two cranberry-colored bars, reason being I wanted it wider, result being it looks like a flag.)

Hello, friends old and new, and welcome to Voyage of the Mind! 

For the past year or so, I’ve been spending more time on the blog, trying to figure out how best to get my message — stuff I think is important — out to my readers. For a long time, I wrote solely about books and writing, which are two big passions of mine. I’m a lifelong reader, and I’ve been writing since, well, I learned to write. But I’ve been telling stories longer than I’ve done either of those things.

Dreams come first where I come from.

Over the past few months, as I’ve given the blog and my life goals some thought, I’ve decided that it’s time to reboot, revamp, and return with a new mission, which is why what was once Laura Schmidt Books is now Voyage of the Mind. I’ve had a terrific time thinking about the concept for the rebranded site, which will also (before long) feature a companion YouTube channel. More about that in the coming weeks.

Here’s the thing that’s taken me years to realize. I’m a writer, but I don’t strive to simply be a writer. I strive to help the world, however I can. And I’ve realized that through reaching you and spreading a message and speaking out about the important things in life and what I’ve learned along the way, I may just help the world. Through my writing, I’ve already reached more people than I once thought I might, from a dizzying variety of locations around the globe, and it’s with the goal of reaching more and empowering more that I’ve set out on this new voyage.

With every step of the journey…

Learning is at the heart of it all, as it’s at the heart of life. I’ll discuss the things that are important to me, important to the world, important for life, and, with some input, the things that are important to you. I’ll write about my passions, which are hardly limited to books and writing, and about my life experiences, and hopefully I’ll pass some of the wisdom I’ve picked up along the way to you, and you’ll pass some of yours to me. By the end of it, it’s my hope that you’ll know me, and that we’ll both have learned more than a little about ourselves in the process of learning more about the world and all of the wonderful things in it.

It’s still a beautiful world.

Travelers, it’s always a beautiful world for dreamers — dreamers with a sense of humor and just a touch of skepticism, that is. Will you join me on this Voyage of the Mind? (Bring anyone else who you think might be up to it, too!)

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